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Metro Detroit Caterer Discusses Biggest Catering Mistakes

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If this is your first time preparing a event, catering is the best way to go. A caterer will guarantee good food and a great evening. Their line of business is dedicated to offering convenience for you and your guests. However, other types of inconveniences can rear their ugly head during a stressful event. To decrease the chances of disaster, here are some catreing tips to keep in mind.

Don’t Be The Only One The Caterer Can Contact

When you’re in charge of everything, it’s tempting to have the professionals contact only you before any decisions are made. Unfortunately, you are not able to control everything. When you hire a Metro Detroit catering company, make sure there are multiple ways to contact you or allow them to contact anyone that is helping you with the event. This will help keep everyone on the same page, especially if any sudden changes are made. For example, if the caterer ends up caught in traffic and needs to prepare for a wedding ceremony, they wouldn’t want to call up the bride or groom and cause panic. Multiple contacts will help with these kinds of situations.

Don’t Forget To Make Sure Parking Is Available For The Caterer

Big events mean a lot of people are attending which also means a lot of cars. If you’re expecting any special guests, entertainers, or any other professional services, it’s a good idea to save a spot or two for your caterer. Reserving parking for your caterer will definitely help them prepare for all the well-cooked food you’re looking forward to. Also, make sure the parking is nearby so any loading and unloading of equipment will be easier for them.

Inform The Caterer About The Location In Metro Detroit

When caterers prepare their services for your event, they want to make sure they do their best. Professional catering companies need to pay attention to any health and safety laws that are specific to your location. You should also let them know if there will be running water, restrooms, electricity, and if the event will be indoor or outdoor. Informing your caterer about these amenities will help more than you may realize. This is how they’ll know if their cooking will be safe and sanitary for you and your guests.

Don’t Forget To Mention Late Comers And Changes In Attendance

When some of your guests don’t show up or aren’t going to make it to your event, let your caterer know. When you first talked with your caterer, you most likely let them know how many people you’re expecting since many professionals charge per person. If there’s a change in the head count, it can have an effect in the amount of food that needs to be prepared. The final result can determine what is and isn’t charged.

As long as you and your caterer are on the same page when it comes to attendance, location, and contact person, your event will have significantly less stress.

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