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How To Find The Right Caterer For A Graduation Party

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May 8, 2015
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Finding the right catering company for a graduation party can be a challenge for anyone. A good way to start is by asking your child what foods he or she wants to serve. Once you have an idea of what foods you want for the graduation party, you can then narrow down the list of potential caterers.

The best catering companies that you can find are overseen or owned by an executive chef. Executive chefs have vast experience with cooking and menu planning. Companies run by an executive chef will often go the extra mile when it comes to satisfying their clients.

You also want a caterer that makes almost everything themselves. You never want to pay for thaw and heat service, since if all your paying for is precooked and already prepared foods, you could easily do that yourself. You want your event to be a memorable occasion, with food to fondly remember long after the event has past. A good caterer will make nearly everything from scratch.

You should also be aware that the caterer can make or break an event. To avoid mishaps like food poisoning or substandard food, only hire a caterer who has plenty of years of experience behind them. You should look for a caterer with a good track record. Never be afraid to ask for references, as a good caterer will never have a problem providing you with these.

Be prepared to discuss your budget with the caterer.  If you are on a tight budget,  be aware that you get what you pay for. Smaller operated budget caterers might offer you a deal on the price, but the food will definitely show it. Quality ingredients cost money, and that cost is, of course, passed on to the consumer. A good rule of the thumb is the price per plate will roughly match that of your favorite restaurant.

Sopranos Catering understands that your graduation party is a time to remember, and that the food served will be a part of those memories. That is why we feature only the finest ingredients and impeccable service. Our specialized catering service offers many options and menu items to suit anyone’s needs. It is our mission to make your graduation party planning as easy as possible, at least where the food is concerned. If you’re planning a graduation party, contact us today!


  1. James Borst says:

    My wife is graduating with her master’s degree this spring and I thought it would be fun to through her a fancy graduation party. It is interesting that you recommend finding a caterer that has a price per plate similar to my favorite restaurant. We may also look at the venues recommended catering companies to see who they recommend.

  2. Faylinn says:

    I liked that you said that you need a caterer that makes everything themselves. I have been thinking about getting catering for my wedding. It is in a few months, so I need to decide soon.

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