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How To Find The Perfect Michigan Wedding Catering Company For Your Special Day

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From the dress, to the music, to the dinner at the reception, there are countless decisions for a couple to make for their wedding day. One of those important decisions is finding the food for the cocktail hour and reception dinner, with a wedding catering company that not only provides great food, but professionalism and great listening skills.

Here are 3 tips for choosing the perfect Michigan wedding catering company for your big day:

  1. Interview 4 Michigan Wedding Caterers.

By personally meeting a handful of Michigan wedding caterers in your area, you can get a feel for who they are, how they treat you, whether they are active listeners, and are extremely informative. This meeting will also tell you more about their personality, and whether you feel you’ll easily get along. Try meeting and interviewing 4 caterers in your area for a nice variety of personalities, price ranges, and culinary options. While one caterer may welcome any requests you have, another may have strict guidelines regarding the services they provide. This is the number one reason why it is crucial to interview several caterers, because just because one may not do as you wish, doesn’t mean another wont.

2. Schedule A Tasting.

Once you have chosen a Michigan wedding caterer for your wedding, be sure to immediately schedule a tasting to sample their menu. You will either sample food that is apart of their traditional menu, or you may ask for the caterer to put together an example of the food you asked for your special day. Just because you may have found that you like the wedding catering company, you want to make sure their food actually tastes good! As one of the most important components of your wedding reception, you want to make sure the food being served to your guests is delicious. You should also ask at this time the type of service the wedding catering companyprovides, such as formal plated, family style, or buffet. Each of these service styles affect the price, so you’ll want to ask right away.

  1. Sign A Contract.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect Michigan wedding caterer from their professionalism, food tasting, and services offered, you’ll want to sign a contract immediately. Since desirable caterers tend to book up quickly, especially for warm-weather events, you’ll want to set everything in stone as to prevent any sort of misunderstanding from taking place. A contract should include your names, reception venue, reception time, date, the food being prepared, and the total price. It should also include the type of service being offered, such as plated, or buffet. This not only protects you, but also the caterer by ensuring their client doesn’t cancel at the last minute. By taking the time to interview wedding caterers, sample their food and ask all necessary questions, you will be practically eliminating the chance of needing to cancel, since you’ll have made the most educated decision possible.

Be sure to keep this article handy when you’re planning the catering of your special day, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect wedding caterer that suits your personality, budget, and culinary style perfectly.

How To Find The Perfect Michigan Wedding Catering Company For Your Special Day

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