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Hire A Metro Detroit Caterer For These 4 Events

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August 8, 2015
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August 29, 2015
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Have you ever been stuck with making a meal for 40 or more people during the holidays? If so, then you know the hassle and pressure that’s created by such a tall order. If you enjoy cooking these meals, that’s great! But since it’s the holiday season, and you may not be comfortable cooking that much food for everyone, here are 4 events that you could have professionally catered.


1. Have Your Wedding Catered

This one is pretty obvious, but nevertheless important to bring up. Some families like to make a bunch of food for their family’s weddings, but for most people they don’t really want to have the burden of making 100 to 300 plates of food. A catering service knows just what is required to make that much food for that many people, and has more space at their headquarters to prepare the food. They are more than equipped to serve the food and clean it up afterwards as well. With a caterer handling the dinner, you can focus on toasting the bride and groom.


2. Fall Dinners and Holiday Parties

Once again, some people aren’t equipped to prepare a meal for a lot of people. This can be especially evident during Thanksgiving. If you are having a lot of people over to your house – between 20 and 40 – and you are not used to cooking for that many people, a professional caterer may be just what you are looking for. You won’t have to make the gravy or worry about carving a turkey or ham. You’ll also be able to save as much as you want for leftovers, send some home with family, and not worry about the rest.


3. Catering for Fall Graduation

While most graduation ceremonies happen in the summer months, there are a select few graduates that get their diploma in the fall. If you are in this group, having a meal waiting for you once you get to the reception is a nice touch to an already wonderful day. A professional caterer can supply enough food for however many graduates are coming to the reception. And while they may be out of college, they may still be clinging to that college appetite. When you hire a professional to cater, you can be assured that you won’t run out of food.


4. Office Parties

When you have an office party, you are hard pressed to find people to help organize the party much less make the food for it. Hiring a caterer for your office party will make the food aspect that much easier to manage. The caterer can make as little or as much food that is required and will make food that will be enjoyed by everyone. When planning your office gathering, a catering company should be strongly considered.

Hire A Metro Detroit Caterer For These 4 Events

Metro Detroit Caterer can take unneeded stress off your shoulders when planning an event. With so much to organize already, why not let the professionals handle the food?

For more information or to hire a catering company for your upcoming event, contact Sopranos today at: 586-772-1000

Contact Sopranos At: 586-772-1000

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