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Do You Need Michigan Wedding Catering This Spring?

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4 Must-Haves At A Catered Michigan Spring Wedding

Spring weddings are absolutely gorgeous. There are so many designs and themes to look over and think about. The ceremony will be one event, whereas the reception will be another. Did you know that the reception is commonly known as the most stressful part of the wedding? You have to organize seating and arrange food for dozens of people. Why don’t you just take all that stress off your shoulders? When you invest in a professional catering company for your wedding, their full-service features can provide you with options that will make organizing all the components easier for you. And don’t forget, you’re celebrating a special day with someone, so make sure you both receive the services you need. Here are a few ideas.

1. Have Refreshing Drinks For Toasting

Your caterer will have a variety of refreshments for you to choose from. They can also offer a bartender to handle your beverage needs. While there are a few notable drinks that guests look forward to, some are a better match for the season. To add some spring freshness to your drink menu, try a few cocktails, mimosas, or daiquiris. For your guests that are under the drinking age, fruity drinks are always fun. Try flavored waters or drinks with flavors like kiwi, strawberry, lime, or raspberry. Don’t be afraid to ask your caterer to be creative.

2. Select Seasonal Appetizers For Yourself And Guests

Springtime is full of flowers and fruits, but it’s also common to associate the start of spring with Easter. The first thing that comes to mind is an egg, right? Your caterer will know how to whip up an egg related dish that is light and appetizing. Your guests will appreciate it as they await the main course. It’s common to have salads at weddings as well, so try requesting exotic types of salads that have a mix of fresh flavor and refreshing taste.

3. Don’t Weigh Yourself Down With Heavy Foods

When you look through your caterer’s menu, ask them about foods that will fill you up, but keep you feeling light. Choosing light foods is for the best, especially if you’re planning on dancing at the reception. Entrees involving chicken and fish, with veggie or fruit sides are a good decision and having it buffet style will appease eaters of all types.

4. Choosing The Desserts Is The Best Part

The majority of your excitement is probably going towards the cake, but don’t forget there are other side desserts you can have. If they fit the spring theme you’re going for, that’s even better. Cookies like snickerdoodles and sugar cookies are a nice treat if some people aren’t up for cake. But if they are, then go for a flavor that fits your theme and your taste buds. Consider using fresh fruit flavors to enhance the time of year, and think about decorating your cake with fresh flowers and fruit.

Spring is associated with new beginnings and fun. It’s the perfect time for a wedding. If you’re ready to talk to a professional caterer about your spring wedding ideas and you live in Southeast Michigan, contact Soprano’s Catering for a quote.

Do You Need Michigan Wedding Catering This Spring?

Sopranos Catering is a Michigan wedding caterer located in Macomb County. From quaint backyard BBQ’s to extravagant black tie affairs, we love to cater them all!

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