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Clinton Twp Caterer Gives Tips Fo Catering Summer Events

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March 29, 2016
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For most of us, when we eat during the warmer months, we want something that’s refreshing. We want to be energized enough to enjoy the sunny days and be active with friends and family. Sometimes when fun events role around, you predict you’re going to have to eat a variety of food. You may want to eat light and refreshing while another person wants to eat something that fills them up. What’s a good way to find that balance? When you set up a catered event with a professional, you’ll be able to have a variety of refreshing meals that will keep friends and family happy. Here are a few tips for setting up a catered event for the Michigan summer.


There Are A Variety Of Ways To Handle Barbecues

A barbecued meal doesn’t have to be greasy or covered in breading. Soprano’s Catering offers a variety of BBQ options to choose from for your event in Clinton Twp. If you’re looking forward to enjoying some well-cooked meat at your event, but don’t want everyone to feel like they ate a whole cow, look for dishes that have grilled meats, salads, veggie and fruit trays, and an optional choice for bread. This way, you and your guests can balance protein and carbs appropriately and enough energy to enjoy the rest of the day.


Keep Your Brunch On The Healthy Side

Some guests may be itching for breakfast foods, but would rather not feel they ate a big breakfast. When you want a brunch that hits the spot and keeps you active, talk to your caterer about a “lite” kind of brunch. They usually consist of a variety of salads with light breads and fruits on the side.


Bring A Deli To The Party

Sometimes a good selection of cold cuts and veggies can satisfy what many tummies are craving. Going for a deli-like lunch is great middle ground if you want something that isn’t as heavy as a barbecue, but not as light as a brunch. Look forward to hams, salamis, roast beef, and turkey accompanied by a variety of cheeses, salads, fruits, and your favorite condiments on the side. Your guests will appreciate the opportunity to make their own sandwich or salad.


Keep Everyone Hydrated With A Variety Of Drinks

Soprano’s Catering can provide a wonderful beverage service for those who need a caffeine pick-me-up, a cool soda, or an iced cocktail to get through the day. Regardless of the meal plan you pick, you are more than welcome to explore what type of beverages your guests will enjoy. If you really want your guests to be spoiled, you can even ask for an accommodating bartender and a waiting service. Summer is the best time to treat yourself and your loved ones.


Now that you have an idea of how you can keep a summer event refreshing and full of energy, contact a Clinton Twp caterer like Soprano’s Catering to prepare your event today.

Soprano’s Catering is located in Roseville, Michigan and provides catering throughout Metro Detroit.

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