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5 Tips For Planning The Perfect Company Picnic In Southeast Michigan

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A company picnic is a time for employees and employers to get together, have fun, and celebrate each others hard work. Planning the picnic doesn’t have to be stressful, in fact, it should be fun! As long as you organize your plans, set a schedule, and follow your designated time line, you shouldn’t have any problems coming up with an event that is both impressive and entertaining!

Before you get started booking vendors, be sure to read this check-list and follow each point accordingly, to provide yourself a stress-free planning experience:

  1. Create The Guest List.

The very first thing you should start with is determining the number of guests, especially since many vendors will ask you for the head count before booking. You should determine if spouses and children of employees are invited, or whether it is to be “adult only.” Once you have this overall number, you can start thinking about a potential venue, and other components including food and invitations.

  1. Determine The Budget.

This is the next most important fact to set down before beginning any real planning. The number of guests and venue options will affect this number, so it’s important to set this in stone before making any commitments. It wouldn’t be smart to book a venue solely on the number of guests, only to find out it isn’t affordable!

  1. Set A Date.

Once you have the number of guests and the budget figured out, you should work on finding a date on the calendar that works for most of your fellow employees. Many people are busiest during the spring and summer months, with free weekends existing far and few in between. Be sure to set a date as soon as you can in order to give people plenty of time to check their schedules, and mark their calendars.

4. Pick A Location.

You don’t have to be a realtor to understand that the perfect location is key for any event. This includes the company picnic, and it can make or break it. Once you’ve determined the guest list, date, and budget your choice of venue will be much easier to decide. If employee children are invited, you’ll want to consider a space where there is plenty of room to spread out and play. Another component to keep in mind is entertainment. You’ll want to choose a location that allows for games, and possibly a specialty item like an inflatable bounce house.

5. Hire A Picnic Caterer.

Along with the location, comes the decision for picnic catering options. If budget and venue allows, you should hire a professional picnic catering company in Southeast Michigan that provides excellent food and drink. This is your chance to impress all the guests, and since a picnic is centered around good food, you’ll want to meet with and sample several caterers until you find the perfect one.

Follow this checklist for stress-free planning, and remember that the company picnic is supposed to be laid back, fun, and relaxing for everyone.

5 Tips For Planning The Perfect Company Picnic In Southeast Michigan

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