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5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Planning The Catering At Your Wedding In Metro Detroit

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When you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, one of the most important things to consider is the food and drink you’ll serve guests at the reception. There are many components to think about in regards to the catering and a professional service will be able to help you decide the style of your catering, the level of formality and any other details to make your special day exactly as you’ve imagined it.

When you’re thinking about your ideal wedding, ask yourself these 5 questions to get a good feel for what you’ll need out of a catering company:

  1. Do I Want Buffet-Style Or Plated?

The difference between buffet and a sit-down, plated dinner will be the style and formality of your wedding, as well as what you can afford. A plated dinner will be more costly than buffet because you’ll have to pay extra in labor costs for the waiters, but if you’re going for a formal wedding, consider hiring a catering company for this type of service. However, if budget doesn’t allow, buffet style can be practical in that your guests will be able to choose which foods they want and how much.

2. Do Any Guests Have Dietary Restrictions?

It may be smart to request on the RSVP card for guests to include any dietary or allergy restrictions. You will be able to tell your caterer which meals must be made specially to accommodate these needs, as well as the amount of vegetarian dishes if any.

3. Do I Want To Serve Hors Doeuvres?

You’ll first need to decide if you would like to include a cocktail hour in between your ceremony and reception to give guests time to relax, check out the reception venue, and refresh themselves with some light food and cocktails. If you do decide to include this time in your itinerary, you’ll want to discuss with your caterer which foods to best serve as hors d’oeuvres as well as the additional cost.

4. Do I Want Only Beer And Wine?

As a way to cut down on costs, many brides and grooms decide to only have beer and wine at their reception instead of hard liquor. You’ll want to determine your budget for alcohol before deciding this element, and the catering company will be able to help you figure out the appropriate amount of alcohol to buy and will usually be able to order it all for you.

  1. Do I Have A Specific Type Of Food I Want?

If you have a specific type of food already in mind, or you’d like to stay true to your heritage and choose cultural-based cuisine, then you’ll want to be sure you’re hiring a catering company that has experience cooking the style of food and can provide the quality you’re looking for. It’ll be smart to schedule a tasting to ensure you like the way they prepare it before committing to any service.

The food at your wedding will be important to the enjoyment of your day, and the best way to find the perfect catering company to suit your wants and budget will be to start by asking yourself these 5 questions.

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