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4 Tips For Catering A Halloween Party

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October 5, 2015
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Halloween is right around the corner. While you are planning your creepy decorations and how to top last year’s party, here are some things to consider regarding the food you’ll be serving:

1. Get Creative with Spooky Appetizers.
As your guests arrive, they’ll see all of the hard work you put into making your home a Halloween haven. As they admire your pumpkins, ghosts, and goblins hanging around, keep the theme going with some clever spooky food ideas. Serving dishes shaped like skulls are always a hit (especially when filled with candy worms), or creepy cupcakes. There are limitless possibilities to what you can come up with for your spooky appetizer table. If you talk with your caterer, there is a chance they can put that touch of Halloween magic into your party order.

2. Have More Than One Table.
When you’re at any party, having a designated space for your food and beverage can be a little tough to come by. Now imagine there are at least twice the people and they’re all wearing costumes. The issues around table space are never raised enough when planning a larger Halloween party. More often than not, once the party gets started, the table space vanishes. Between food and drinks, and the amount of invitees, the surface area of every table comes at a premium. Having 2 to 4 tables for the party should help alieve some of the pressure of finding space for everything.

3. Finger Foods Are King.
As you get your menu in order, remember who you are planning for. This won’t be a sit-down dinner party. You won’t need anything too formal, as you are planning for people in costumes looking for a quick bite before going back to the dance floor. For this reason, sticking to finger foods is the best idea for your Halloween party. Wings, individual sausages, pre-cut sandwiches, and foods that look like zombie fingers are all great options. Be sure to make them with a fun Halloween spin! Add eyeballs, spiders, gooey sauces and more. Have everything ready in their trays before the guests arrive and make sure there are plenty of napkins.

4. Have A Clean-Up Strategy.
Everyone will have to leave your party eventually. Even if that time is the next day, there will be no shortage of cleaning to do. This is the reason that keeping things as simple as possible is the best option for you and your cleaning team. By having a cleaning system set up beforehand, you can head off any food mess before it becomes stale or too sticky to deal with. This could be as simple as cleaning as you go, or using paper plates and plastic cutlery for easy disposal. Keeping the food in aluminum trays will make it way easier to get rid of the remnants. With the right plan, the food cleanup will be the easiest thing on your laundry list of cleaning to accomplish.

Make this Halloween one to remember by getting the menu taken care of early. Plan ahead, speak with a catering company, and everything will fall into place by October 31st.

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