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4 Reasons You Should Taste Test Your Wedding Menu

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If you’re planning a wedding, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate. Speaking of plates – it’s common knowledge that the food in any wedding is not only the most expensive part, but the part that your guests remember the most. They’re there to celebrate you, but they also arrived hungry and ready for a good meal! You want to make sure you know what they’re eating ahead of time with a taste test of the entire wedding menu. Aside from making sure your guests are happy, there are plenty of reasons to taste test of your wedding menu.

1. Meet Your Catering Company

These are the people who will feed you on one of the most important days of your life. You want to know who they are and get to know them a little bit before handing over that level of trust and responsibility. Now is the time to ask questions. Let them know about guests with allergies so they can order everything you need and have it ready well in advance. It’s also a good time to discuss linens (if offered), or they can suggest places to rent linens. You can see their table setting to determine what would go well with them when planning the décor and ambiance of your wedding.

2. Talk About the Process

When meeting your catering company in person, they can ease your mind by walking you through the day. Remember, they’ve done this before. They know how weddings run! Once you choose your menu, you and your caterer will go through the timeline and figure out when they’ll get there, if they’re cooking on-site or bringing cooked food, what specific beverages you want, and the prices of the food and beverages.

3. Personalize It

When tasting your food, your caterer wants to make sure you really love it! If you have a problem with any dishes, now is the time to see if there’s an option to tweak seasonings or sauces, or switch out for another menu item entirely. You can also figure out if you want to add different types of cheeses or h’ordeurves to the menu that compliment your favorite entrées.

4. It’s Delicious – and Fun!

Here’s a pro tip: Arrive hungry! You’ll be trying a whole assortment of menu options at your discretion and you don’t want to have pass up anything because you’re too full. Taste test with your partner, and if there’s an option to bring some guests, invite the maid of honor and the best man! Other opinions are welcome, and there’s nothing better than a delicious meal with your favorite people.

Though this is a meeting with a company you want to hire, it doesn’t have to be all business! Have a good time, enjoy your meal, and then smile as you picture yourself enjoying this very dish on your special day.

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