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4 Reasons To Cater Your Tailgating Party

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Football season is back with a vengeance. Whether you’re a Lions fan, a Wolverines fan, MSU fan, or none of the above, it’s that time of year when you want to be out in your backyard with your friends having some delicious food. Sometimes chips will work, but if you want to really set the tone for game day, here are 4 reasons to consider catering your tailgate:

1. No Hassle.

When you plan a game day party, you want 3 things: good eats, good friends, and a good game. When you hire a caterer, you don’t have to worry about the food part, since they’ll have you covered. Instead of worrying about the wings in the oven, you can now focus on making sure your friends have a good time. Spend more time watching the kickoff and stop worrying about the cooking.

2. Variety Of Food.

How many times have you gone to a buddy’s house only to find 6 bowls of no-name brand chips and 4 tubs of sour cream? While this sounds great in theory, all you’ll be left with is a stomach full of disappointment. If you hire a caterer, you can get a series of different cooked meats, including burgers, wings, ribs, chicken, and even some pasta dishes. By serving burgers and actual meals to the rest of the game day crew, you’ll feel rest assured that they’ll come back for another Michigan sports team victory. No matter which team you’re rooting for or your guests, you will quickly become everyone’s favorite.

3. Keep It Simple.

Let’s face it; your friends don’t always bring over the best things to eat during a game. By ordering in trays of prepared food for your friends, they won’t have to bring anything except the love for your favorite team. College game day can be stressful enough. Take the decision out of what to bring over. The less they have to do to have a good time, the better the time everyone will have.

4. No Mess.

Once the party’s over, there is nothing you want more than to sit down and relax. But if you prepared the food, or put out those bags of chips, you then have to clean up the living room. With a catering service, everything comes in disposable trays. No longer do you have to cut into your evening activities by cleaning and doing dishes. Simply stack the trays and throw them away. Catering doesn’t only yield great food; it also yields a cleaner house.

When you are planning for your next home game party, think hard about how you want your guests to leave. Do you want them full and satisfied, or do you want them wanting more? No matter the outcome of the game, having a catered game day party will surely put a smile on everyone’s face.

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