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3 Tips For Planning A Successful Corporate Catering Event In Metro Detroit, Michigan

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In today’s business world, many professionals are taking the time to plan special lunches and dinners in order to create more personal and lasting business connections, through the use of corporate catering. Emails and phone conversations are no longer the standard in today’s highly competitive market, with many professionals turning to more creative ways to connect with other business owners. Here are 3 tips that can help you host a successful corporate catering event in Metro Detroit, Michigan that is bound to leave lasting impressions:

  1. Set Details In Stone Quickly.

When speaking with a catering company in Metro Detroit, you should already know the expected number of guests attending, as well as whether your desired location allows outside catering. This information will be vital to the catering professional, in order for them to start their planning process and getting your event locked down in paper. You want to create a business meeting that is relaxing and inviting for your professional guests, so you’ll want to ensure that you’re the top priority on your caterer’s schedule. As the sole event on your selected date, you will ensure that there is plenty of time to allow for setup, service, take-down, and attending any special food requests.

  1. Determine The Event Style.

If you’re in charge of planning the corporate catering event in Metro Detroit, Michigan, then you’ll want to ask your boss whether it should be casual or formal, to best suit the expectations of the invited business contacts. This will help to determine the type of food to have your catering professional prepare, as well as the most appropriate location. A formal event may require the assistance of a professional event planner to help ensure every detail is accounted for, and executed perfectly. If the luncheon or dinner should be casual, don’t forget to add little special touches that convey you and your company have put much thought into the meeting, regardless of location and food.

  1. Be At Location Early.

A business meeting is an important event for any company, so you want to be sure that everything goes without a hitch. You should plan to arrive onsite with plenty of time before the actual meeting, to make sure the corporate catering company is on-time and setting up correctly. Save yourself much stress and anxiety, and arrive to the location with 2-3 hours to spare before the scheduled catered event. It will be wise to err on the side of caution, since there is usually always something that doesn’t go as expected, and be prepared to spend time fixing any last-minute surprises.

Great food and drink is an excellent way of getting people together, and creating new relationships. If you’re looking into ways to make lasting connections with other business professionals, consider hosting a corporate catering event and follow these tips to ensure everything goes perfectly.

3 Tips For Planning A Successful Corporate Catering Event In Metro Detroit, Michigan

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