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3 Tips For Catering Your New Years Eve Party In Detroit

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While often associated with larger gatherings, there’s no reason why a caterer can’t service a party at home. You’ll save yourself from the stress of having to prepare and serve the food for your guests, and after the party is over, you won’t have to slave away cleaning up either. With the New Year coming, it’s very likely that you’ll find yourself hosting another party. If you want to relax during the remainder of the holidays, then having your party catered is a great idea.

Stock up on Finger Foods

For this party, you want to be able to move around. Make sure the menu matches. People are going to be mingling, so full-course meals may not be the way to go. A good idea would be to stick with finger foods. Anything that’s easy for a guest to have a quick bite would be great. Mini sandwiches, chicken wings and small tarts come to mind. Anything that you can serve skewered on a toothpick would also be perfect. Talk with the catering company and see what menu items similar to this they can provide. A good recommendation is to arrange for the food to be prepared on trays so that guests can just pick them up and be on their way. It’ll be easy for them to walk around and have a delicious snack while waiting for the New Year.

See if the Caterer can Help you with Entertainment

What’s a party without entertainment? While your caterer might be in charge of the food, they can assist you in other ways. If they’ve been in the industry for a while, they probably have contacts for other party needs. This can include bands or DJs to help liven up your event. Welcoming the New Year usually involves a lot of fireworks and music, so this should be something to consider. You may even get a better price compared to hiring entertainment services on your own.

Pick a Theme

While not a requirement for a New Year’s Eve party, a theme can definitely help make it more fun. Have the food, music and dress code match the theme to keep it interesting. For example, A black and white theme or masquerade, while a bit cliché, is always memorable. Or, try going for an 80’s look to keep the atmosphere lively and colorful. Whatever theme you pick, make sure you coordinate it with the caterer so they can prepare the right food for the job. Some catering services will even be able to have their staff match the theme so they won’t stand out. It just makes the party more enjoyable for everyone.

Hire A Detroit Catering Company For Your New Years Eve Party

After coming from the Christmas celebrations, having another party for the New Year can be tiring if you do it yourself. Why not have a caterer take care of it for you? They can provide unique, delicious food, and will allow you to just relax and have fun with everyone else.

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