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3 Things To Consider About A Caterer That Don’t Involve Their Menu

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November 3, 2015
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If you’re looking for a caterer, the first thing you think about is their food. You want to make sure their cuisine is good, because that’s the job you need them for. So you check out different caterers and go through their menu until you find a few with the foods you like. Now, you talk to these companies and schedule taste tests to help you decide. Now that you’ve tasted their food, you’d think it’s safe to choose the caterer you’ll go with. You might want to hold off on that decision first, because there’s more to choosing a caterer than just their menu.

The caterer may have the best food, but you also want to make sure that everything else about them is held to a high standard. Here are three other things to check before hiring a caterer for any event:

Service Staff

Before your guests even touch their meals, it’s the service staff they’ll be interacting with. They’re the first line of defense in making sure that your event goes off without a hitch. It’s important to make sure the service staff is capable, friendly and accommodating. You already know their food is great; Now you need to know the people serving your guests are awesome too. Look for any reviews about the catering company and you’ll see that, next to the food, comments about the staff are the most common. If the reviews are negative about the staff, keep looking; Even more than the food itself, the manner in which your guests are treated is what they’ll remember most.



A caterer’s reputation is another important factor. As with any business you’re looking to hire, a good reputation is vital. You don’t want to worry if the caterer can deliver what they promise, especially at a big event. That’s just more stress you don’t need. Similar to the service staff, you should check for reviews before you commit to a decision. See what their previous customers have said about their experience with the caterer. Hopefully, it will be positive and that’s one less thing to think about. If they have less-than favorable reviews, continue your search.


If the catering company has been around for a number of years, they must be doing something right. Their experience in the catering business will definitely play into the overall service they can provide. If you’re looking to cater your wedding, then you absolutely want everything to be perfect. You should ask yourself, will you take the risk with a relatively inexperienced caterer who may be less expensive, or should you go with the established one who’s probably serviced dozens if not hundreds of previous weddings? It’s up to you to decide what your priorities are, but the experience of a caterer will definitely affect how professional and organized your experience is.

While it’s essential for the food to be good, its important to acknowledge that it’s not the only thing you should consider. The entire catering service will leave an impression on your guests, and it’s not just their taste buds deciding whether the event was a success or not.


  1. Duncan Lance says:

    Not many people would think about it at first, but the article makes a very good point about the caterer’s experience. After all, catering a wedding or corporate event is a pretty big deal and requires a lot of work and skill to properly cater. Because of that, you’ll want to make sure that the catering service you hire has worked big parties like that before and that they know what they are doing.

  2. Jenna Hunter says:

    Thanks for the tip on making sure that they have a lot of experience. My sister is thinking about having an event and wants to make sure that she does it right. It could be really nice for her to get a professional to cater for her.

  3. I’ve been considering hiring a caterer for my upcoming wedding in the next six months because I don’t have the time or patience to cook for 150 people. Thanks for mentioning that the caterer’s wedding staff has to be capable, accommodating, and friendly to my guests to ensure that everyone will have a good time during the reception. I think I’ll weigh my options first before I hire one because I’m still not sure how much they cost.

  4. It’s true that the service staff of a catering company should be capable of serving many people at the same time. I guess I can try looking for this type of service from a food truck caterer for my party. My son is going to have this fifth birthday next week, and since I want him to feel special by letting him see his favorite type of vehicle, this might be something that he might like.

  5. I like how you brought up that if the company has been around for awhile, they must be doing something right. We are looking to have a casual even catered. I have never done anything like this before, so I don’t really know where to start. It would be nice to hire a catering company who can lead me in the right direction, and tell me what to do.

  6. It was interesting when you said that checking for reviews before choosing a caterer is a good way to eliminate potential stress. The company I work for still needs to find a buffet-style caterer for our holiday party next month. Thanks for teaching me how to go about researching potential catering services!

  7. Kate Hansen says:

    It’s good to know that an important factor to consider is their reputation. My husband has a business event coming up in a couple of weeks and he needs to find a catering service as soon as possible. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to him so he can know what to look for when searching for one.

  8. Thank you for pointing out that when you hire a caterer they have a service staff who can help ensure the event continues without a hitch. My fiancee and I have been trying to decide whether we should hire a caterer or simply make some food with our families. I think we should look for a catering service with good service staff to help us have peace of mind.

  9. Ron Booker says:

    It makes sense that the catering waiters you hire must be friendly and respectful to the guests. My sister is getting married, and she asked us to hire her a catering company. I will be sure to follow your tips so I can find the right catering service for the wedding.

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