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3 Fun Ideas For A Catered Summer Event In Metro Detroit

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June 9, 2015
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June 19, 2015
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Summer is in full swing and people everywhere are taking advantage of the warm weather, breezy nights and ample ways to get outside and hangout with family and friends. One way to make sure you create a memorable experience is to provide exceptional food with amazing service. You don’t need to host a wedding to have a great excuse to make an event extra special and hire a catering company to give your guests an amazing experience.

Below are a few fun ideas to have at your next event in Metro Detroit and that are bound to make everyone’s Summer more memorable:

Fish And Seafood Boil.

Impress your family and friends with a water inspired, freshly-caught-from-the-docks fish and seafood boil. This elegant but casual dinner style will be the perfect acknowledgment of hot summer days, warmer waters, and time spent relaxing in the sand. The great thing about seafood is that it can be paired with almost anything and transformed into almost any type of dish, including the Spanish classic Payaya, fish tacos, or seafood jambalaya with rice and boiled corn. The professional catering company can set up their station outdoors and serve it in the fun and authentic manner of eating the seafood with your hands, straight from a paper lined table. Give your loved ones an experience they’ve never had with a fun fish and seafood boil.

Southern BBQ.

There aren’t too many people that don’t love a good BBQ, and the thing that makes it so great for guests is that there is really nothing you can’t barbecue. You can provide chicken, steak, sausage, shrimp, as well as corn, veggies and even juicy watermelon for guests to take their pick. Create a laid back Summer celebration with deliciously prepared food in every variety your guests love. For the finishing touch, create rustic farmers tables by placing old, wooden boards on top of hay bails for people to dine and offer extra hay bails as seating.

Island-Style Cuisine.

Pump up the reggae music, put miniature umbrellas in the cocktails, and hire a professional catering service to cook, grill and serve tropical inspired fare for your island-time bash. The catering company can recommend certain traditional dishes, such as Hawaiian style pork and Jamaican jerk chicken, to make your guests feel as if they’ve been transported to paradise. What a perfect way to celebrate the sizzling sun and long, lazy days spent with family and friends. You can further create the experience by renting tropical cabanas for people to sit and eat, and be sure to hand out leis as your guests arrive.

The only reason you need for hosting a fun event like the ideas above, is wanting to provide cherished family and friends with amazing food and drink during the best time of the year. Consider hiring a catering service in Metro Detroit to help you create the perfect atmosphere and give your loved ones a memorable experience.

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