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3 Fall Menu Items For Your Fall Gathering

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October 6, 2015
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The proper menu can add to any occasion; whether you’re celebrating a newlywed couple; a special anniversary; or having some friends over simply to enjoy the season. But what are you going to serve everyone? Now that it’s fall, there are plenty of reasons to get together with friends and make the most out of the season of harvest. Here are some ideas that will ensure your guests are happy and satisfied.

1. Spiced Ciders And Fall Beverages.

It’s unfortunately no longer summertime, and those summery coladas are a distant memory. Yet, the cooler temperatures don’t mean you have to be finished with cold concoctions for your friends and family. Alternative punches using ginger, apples, pears, and even fennel will surely tantalize your guests’ taste buds. With fall in full swing, there are many opportunities to make some very tasty hot drinks to keep your hands warm on those chilly days and nights. Spiced ciders are a fall classic, combining cinnamon, nutmeg, and apple cider in one delicious cup, and they will be sure to warm your loved ones‘ hearts while treating them to something special.

2. Fall Sides And Entrees.

Fall suppers are all about giving thanks for the friends and family around you. Having a very shareable menu will no doubt give that sense of community to your gathering. By having ingredients that are staples of fall, you can get even more into the spirit of the season. Try to have some items that feature squash, pumpkin, pear, apple, and potatoes. These vegetables and fruits scream fall supper. Yams are always a good choice as well. Scalloped potatoes and casseroles not only fill the table with food, but will fill your guests’ stomachs as well. As for the main meat of the meal, pork chops or ham is a popular choice, as is the classic turkey. A properly handled roast beef is a classic and can pair with nearly anything. Just make sure there’s enough gravy to go around!

3. Pie, Pie And More Pie.

Nothing says fall supper like the end table full of different pies. We all remember how our grandparents would bring over pies that seemed to never cool down despite sitting out for hours. Pies are a great way to tie the meal together and really put your guests into a food “coma.” A classic apple pie is always welcome, with cherry and berry pies following closely behind. Rhubarb pie, while not always the first choice, is a great way to change things up. Still, pumpkin pie remains a favorite. Simply put, you really can’t go wrong with pie, and if your gathering means there will be lots of different tastes, make sure to have multiple flavors of pie to accommodate all palates.

Fall is about getting together with loved ones to celebrate the change in seasons. Make your fall gathering a staple by choosing delicious fall items to serve your guests. If you find yourself in abundance of friends and family, much like the season’s abundance of bounty, consider hiring the service of a catering company to help you feed each and every mouth.

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