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10 Graduation Party Food Ideas

Wedding Food Station Ideas
February 7, 2019
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Planning a graduation party this year? Here are some ideas from Soprano’s Catering to help spark your inspiration!


Mac & Cheese Bar

This creamy goodness is a hit for all guests from age 3 to age 103! Everyone loves a good mac & cheese, and what better way to serve it than with delicious toppings so everyone can create their own perfect mac & cheese!

Charcuterie Board

The beauty of a charcuterie board is that you can add anything you would like to it! Add prosciutto, and pepperoni for an Italian flare. Add brie cheese and rolled ham for a French feel. Why not have both? Add guacamole, olives, fruit, nuts, crackers… the list of options is endless!

Burrito Bar

Everyone loves a good burrito! Take a hint from places like Chipotle or Qdoba and setup a “Make-Your-Own” Burrito Bar!

Mini Sweets Display

Who says all graduates love cake? Maybe your graduate would prefer mini cream puffs? Mini cannolis? Bumpy Cake? Ecalirs? Cheesecake? Donuts? There are tons of dessert options out there! Let your sweet tooth run wild!

Mashed (or Baked) Potato Bar

Guests will love this customizable mashed potato bar!  This is a fun, easy way for guests to feel like they got a full meal without breaking the bank!

Pasta Station

Hire a catering company to serve a pasta station! You can pick your pastas, choose a few sauces, pick your toppings, and voila! Unique pasta dishes for every guest and a fun experience too! There’s nothing like being fed and entertained at the same time!

Burger Bar

An American classic you can’t go wrong with! Delicious burgers paired with your choice of cheese and toppings, what more could you ask for?

Southern Style

Bring some Southern Comfort to your grad’s special day with a Southern Spread! Choose garlic smashed potatoes, buttery corn, fried chicken, and don’t forget the gravy!

Crepe Station

Let a professional chef food crepes for your guests fresh! Choose sweet toppings like fresh berries, syrup, and whipped cream or choose savory options like ham, mushrooms, and cheese. Everyone will be so excited to watch their food being prepared just for them fresh!

Detroit Style

Choose a destination and focus your food and theme around that one city! For our hometown of Detroit, Soprano’s Catering likes to provide coney island hotdogs (with Nathan’s Coney Chili and Dearborn all beef hotdogs), Greek Salad, and Bettermade potato chips! Celebrate your hometown and all that your graduate has accomplished here!

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